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GCIO visited the work by partner schools of the "Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools" on display in the Learning and Teaching Expo 2022 (with photos)

The GCIO, Mr Victor LAM, JP, visited the work by partner schools of the "Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools" on display in the Learning and Teaching Expo 2022 on 7 December 2022 and encouraged students to pursue development in the IT industry in future.


Sumo Robot
Participating students demonstrate their creativity and imagination in designing the robots. They assemble the intelligent "sumo robot" by using different types of mechanical kits and control the robot through programming to take part in the sumo match, with the ultimate goal of pushing its opponent out of the ring. The work won the 2nd Runner-up of RoboFest Hong Kong 2021 (Bottle Sumo Senior Unlimited).


Self-driving Lunar Rover
The "Self-driving Lunar Rover" is a light-duty exploration vehicle that uses foldable solar panels and lightweight rechargeable batteries for combined dual power supply, which can reduce the weight of the lunar rover and facilitate exploration work and carrying of objects. The work won the 1st Prize of 1st香港青少年航天創新大賽月球無人探測車創意賽(高中組)and 1st Prize of 2021-2022學年全國青少年航天創新大賽月球探索創新賽.


Construction Safety Wingman
The "Construction Safety Wingman" consists of a safety helmet and a reflective vest, using Arduino as the control console with different sensors (e.g. temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, air quality sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, etc.) to detect external danger. When danger is detected, the system will warn the workers with vibration motors and buzzers, and send mobile phone messages to prompt the safety officer to react. The work won the 1st Prize of Secondary School Research and Invention (Junior Secondary School Mathematics and Engineering) and the Emerson Award for Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Junior Secondary) in the Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition.

Greenovation for Smart Campus
A dashboard is created by using the open data from the HKSAR Government, with the combination of cloud platform and geographic information system (ArcGIS). The dashboard is installed at school to display the weather, air pollution index and campus temperature, and to remind students to stay health conscious when doing exercises. The work won 1st Runner Up & Best Technical Award of Open Data Hackathon 2022.


Touching Bus
The "Touching Bus" system can effectively solve the problem of minibuses and buses that "skip stops" (i.e. even though there are passengers waiting in line at a bus stop, the bus driver does not stop to load passengers). According to the design, an indicator light and a wait button will be installed at the bus stop. When a passenger presses the wait button, the indicator light will light up to remind the bus driver to stop. The system is also equipped with a mobile app that facilitates the visually impaired, the elderly and other people in need to make use of the indicator light system. The work won the Special Award by Manila Young Inventors Association and Special Award by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association of 4th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2019), and Merit Award of 22nd Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition (Junior Secondary).


AI Stick
Nowadays, people are often too preoccupied with their mobile phones and they even put their earphones on while walking without paying attention to the surrounding, which poses a potential threat to the visually impaired persons who may bump into them in the street and cause accidents. The "AI Stick" is an app that can ensure the safety of the visually impaired by issuing a vibration alert to them of the amount of people around them and the presence of obstacles nearby. The app can also emit light signals to remind other pedestrians who are close by. The work won the Certificate of Merit of HSBC Smart Community Hackathon 2022.

Zero Stress Camp
Due to the pandemic, many people have suffered from mental health problems in recent years. It is generally agreed that the major causes of stress come from work-related problems and worries about the future. How will people face and deal with stress is the key to improving mental health and preventing further deterioration of their problems. The "Zero Stress Camp" is an app designed to help those in need to properly handle their negativity, and to enhance their resilience to adapt to the "new normal". The work won the Merit Award of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021 and Certificate of Distinction of HSBC Smart Community Hackathon 2021.


Smart FIT Assistant
The "Smart FIT Assistant" consists of a smart lunch box and a mobile app. The "Smart FIT Lunch Box" uses the camera of a mobile phone and AI technology to identify the food, and collects data detected by the weight sensor in the lunch box through Bluetooth to calculate the exact calories and nutrient contents of a meal, which in turn can facilitate users to control their daily calorie intake. The "Smart FIT App" has a pedometer and information of different workout modes. Users can put snacks in the "Smart FIT Lunch Box", set fitness goals and then lock the lunch box. After the goals have been achieved, the lunch box will be automatically unlocked to allow users to enjoy the snacks as a reward, which can motivate users to exercise more actively. The work won the Bronze Prize of 第一屆全港青年STEAM比賽.


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