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“Enriched IT Programme” Partner School students entered the global semifinals in “Technovation 2018” (with photos)

Two teams, ConSulenT with their app ConSulenT and Team Novaturient with their app ADHDreamer, from St. Paul's Convent School (SPCS) have made it to the Global Semifinals of the Technovation app development competition, following their success in the Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area Regional Celebration Finals, which were held on 20 May 2018 at Cyberport. The entries were judged by an expert panel with representatives from business, government and academia. ConSulenT won the award for Best Video Presentation at the HK event, while Team Novaturient won the First Place award.

ConSulenT (Zoelle Suo, Jenny Jiang and Vian Lam of F.2T) invited judges and visitors to try their app of the same name. Attacking the problem of "nomophobia" or smartphone addiction, their app provides rewards for turning your phone over and not touching it for a period of time. It also tracks the time spent on different activities (with friends and family, schoolwork and exercise) and uses this to provide advice on living a balanced and healthy life.


Team Novaturient (Janice Chan, Andrea Chan, Sunnie Chan, Eageon Lai and Elyse Wu of F.2S) showed their app ADHDreamer. It includes games and activities to help people with ADHD, as well as tests, information and activities for the public to learn more about the condition.


Apart from ConSulenT and Team Novaturient, two more teams from the SPCS Enriched IT Programme took part in the Hong Kong event.

In the senior division, Team Phage (Ellen Chan and Jolie Choi of F.3T and Katrina Cheung of F.3P) presented their app Carbonfort, a peer-to-peer carbon emissions trading system, and were awarded the Most Sustainable prize.

Team 2Pros (Charlotte Chan, Kassie Kuek, Cecilia Kwok and Katarina Shing of F.2P and Charley Lam of F.2U) presented their app Mentalspace which aims to help students manage stress and seek help for mental health problems through games, activities and information.

The Hong Kong event was kicked off with a speech by two students from last year’s Senior Division HK winning team, Form 4 students Tivona Yeung of F.4S and Madeline Leung of F.4P.

Technolovation offers girls aged 10-18 around the world an opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. It runs across over 100 countries, supported by UNESCO, Peace Corps and UN Women. Through Technovation, girls work in a team of 1 to 5 with women mentors to find a problem in their community, develop a mobile app and launch a startup. Technovation has been running for 8 years and 15,000 girls around the world have developed mobile apps and startups to solve problems around a diverse range of problems, including food waste, nutrition and women's safety.