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Developing students’ ICT creativity has always been an important mission and objective of Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College. Students start to study computer programming and design systematically under the school-based ICT curriculum from Secondary 1. They are encouraged to develop and design their own innovative ICT computer systems, and participate in various local and international competitions actively. Over the years, students have won awards in a number of international and local competitions. For example, they have won 8 international awards, 15 national awards and 30 local awards with their self-developed ICT systems during 2012-2015 school years. By participating in the competitions, students learn and practise their communication and cooperation skills, as well as marketing and presentation techniques. The school hopes to strengthen students’ sense of achievement and interest in designing ICT systems, thereby enabling students to further equip themselves to become ICT professionals and transform from “Apps users” to “Apps creators”.

School website: http://www.stfa-yyc.edu.hk

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