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Pui Ching Middle School has introduced programming in their junior form curriculum, so that students could learn programming by using tools like Visual Basic and Pascal, develop their problem-solving skills and elevate their computational thinking ability. In recent years, the school has deployed MIT App Inventor to replace other tools in order to raise students’ interest and enhance practicality. Over the years, Pui Ching students have made excellent achievements in Hong Kong, national and international Olympiad in Informatics. The school’s Enriched IT Class curriculum has incorporated new topics related to robotics, 3D design and 3D manufacturing technologies. Through hands-on practices, the Enriched IT Class aims to nurture students in technological innovation and creative thinking. For example, Secondary 2 students can learn how to write mobile apps and take part in collaborative online game design, while Secondary 3 students can try to design automatic robots for completing assigned tasks, and so on.

School website: http://www.puiching.edu.hk

  Enriched IT Class
Software Development & Technology Appreciation 1
Software Development & Technology Appreciation 2
No. of S4 IT Class Student
25 - 30
No. of S5 IT Class Student
25 - 30